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  • The art of Brewing in Hallertau.

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Auer Beer: The art of Brewing in Hallertau.

At Home in the Region of "Holledau".

In Bavaria one of the most important local traditions is to ask with a pleasant greeting „Where you from“ the reason for that is due to the fact that the local regions have various dialects between the small rural villages in Bavaria as well as Austria.

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Hop Gives the Taste

Bavaria without beer? Unimaginable! Beer without Hops? Impossible! The hops are responsible for the full-bodied, light bitter taste, as well as the fine aroma, stability of the foam together with the salubriousness.

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Brewing with Passion

The Schlossbrauerei Au-Halltertau respects the tradition and heritage of quality traditional premium brewing. For more than 400 years the brewery has been taking care that the local traditional beers are supplied regionally as well as internationally.

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Quality Awards: We have been awarded!

We are a privately owned brewery that has been committed to traditional brewing according to the German Purity laws since generations.